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Welcome to the International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies (AIM)’s fair price calculator for medicines. The calculator is the practical transcription of AIM’s fair pricing model (Ctrl + clik here), using the assumptions for the various parameters made in the model. The calculator is a tool designed to help healthcare stakeholders or anybody interested in the matter calculate a FAIR price for new or existing medicines (without generic competition) and compare it to the price paid or being negotiated. More importantly, this is a hands-on tool with clear proposals for data components to contribute to European and international debates about fair pricing and the transparency of R&D costs of medicines.



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FAIR PRICE COMPONENTS (per treatment per patient)

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Sales and medical information
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This calculation is a unique price for all EU 27 countries. Mechanisms could be put in place in order to adapt the price to the situation of each country. Purchasing power could be one of the calculation method. Expand data by countries to see the differentiated fair price per treatment per patient according to purchasing power for 2019.


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